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Dealing with conflict – Supporting your customers

Many people experience conflict with customers because of different priorities. This conflict can get in the way of your best results. In this video, you will be guided through an exercise to identify an area of conflict with your customer and to resolve the underlying trigger using Logosynthesis®.

Dealing with conflict – Managing in the middle

Many people who work in middle management struggle to engage their team while meeting the demands of senior management. In this video, you will be guided to relieve tension and conflict related to working in the middle so that you feel more ease to deliver on your goals.

Dealing with conflict – Team meetings

Many people experience a variety of reactions related to conflict in team meetings. This video offers a guided exercise using Logosynthesis® to resolve tension related to group interactions so that you can feel more at ease and more present in team meetings.

Dealing with Conflict – An Introduction

In this video, Cathy Caswell introduces why it is important to deal with conflict at work and how Logosynthesis offers a comprehensive model to feel more ease for what is important to you. In the following video, you will be introduced to the learning goals of this course.

Zoom Meeting Link: June 26, 2021

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Logosynthesis 101 – Course Content (pdf)

The following links provide two course handouts. You can print them off in advance of the course to use as reference during the course. There is nothing required to be done before the course.

Zoom Meeting Link: May 28, 2021

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An overview

The Healthy Living Plan is based on five pillars:1. Attention to self-care2. A supportive environment3. Progress towards goals4. One simple and powerful model5. For individuals in groups