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Why Logosynthesis?

Your reactions are triggered by frozen images, sounds, and other sensory perceptions. Logosynthesis is a comprehensive model with a basic procedure to restore the flow of energy in these frozen perceptions so that they no longer bother you. You can learn to use it on your own or with a trained guide to feel better …

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Why reactions?

Reactions are the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that you experience in response to what happens in your life. Your reactions can get in the way of what is important, often without even being aware that you are reacting. Reactions can negatively affect your health, your relationships and your goals.


Enjoy life and thrive at work and at home by changing your reactions to meaningful action. This course has taught you why reactions are important and how to resolve the triggers to your reactions so that you can take more meaningful action in your everyday life. This course has outlined The Healthy Living Plan to …

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