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Reactions to action! (Video Course)

We are living in challenging times. We are human and we react. Reactions impact our health and get in the way of trust, inclusion, creativity, collaboration and more. This course will show you how to resolve the patterns of reacting to thrive at work and at home.


Logosynthesis 101: A Self-Coaching Course (English; online)

This introductory course shows you how to use the Basic Procedure so that you can start using Logosynthesis right away for your personal use through self-coaching.
TIME: 08:00-14:00 AST (Halifax) ; 12:00-18:00 BST (London) ; 13:00:19:00 CEST (Zurich)


Dealing With Conflict At Work. (Video Course)

Conflict is a normal human response when dealing with others. At times the response can feel intense and get in the way of your goals. Learning how to resolve the underlying triggers allows you to thrive at work and at home. This course will show you why and how to use Logosynthesis to deal with conflict for meaningful interactions.

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