Dealing with conflict at work using Logosynthesis

Dealing With Conflict At Work. (Video Course)

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Many people struggle as a result of conflict at work. It can be common for conflict to interfere with your relationships and your goals without being aware of the impact. Yet conflict is a normal human response to help you survive in the world.  It offers you information that something is different and that you need to pay attention. Learning to shift the memories, beliefs and fantasies that trigger these reactions using Logosynthesis® allows you to feel more ease and energy to focus on what is important in your life.

This course will help you:

  1. Gain an understanding that conflict is a normal human response.
  2. Guide you to identify areas of conflict in your work.
  3. Offer techniques using Logosynthesis® to resolve conflict in key areas.
  4. Guide you to take meaningful action moving forward.

    This video course will teach you how to resolve what gets in the way using Logosynthesis®.  This comprehensive model for healing and development can be used to resolve the energetic blocks that keep you stuck in patterns of reacting and get in the way of what is important. You will feel more calm, confidence and ease to focus on what is important in your life.
    Whether you are interested in personal growth and development or you are a professional in guided change who wants to learn more about using Logosynthesis® for professional self-care and working with clients, this course is for you. 
– Cathy Caswell
   President – The Healthy Living Plan Inc.
   Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®

This course is offered as a video course and available on the ‘Essence: Unlock Potential’ App so that you can learn at your convenience.


About Cathy Caswell

Cathy Cathy is a certified Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis® and the President of The Healthy Living Plan Inc. She has authored two books based on her personal experience and professional training in Logosynthesis®.

Cathy worked in marketing and sales at Kraft Foods (Kraft Heinz) and she gained an appreciation for the value of finding flow in everyday life, even when demands felt intense. When was introduced to Willem Lammers in 2013, she was able to recognize the potential to use Logosynthesis to help her enjoy life more fully. With a successful corporate career, a beautiful family and a wonderful community, life was very good. Yet her many commitments triggered reactions. Through training and the support of the Logosynthesis community, Cathy has come to appreciate the grace and elegance of Logosynthesis to enjoy everyday living. She has also come to appreciate the depth of healing that is possible for those who have experienced trauma by resolving distressing images, voices and other sensory perceptions. She loves to share this model to help others appreciate all that it has to offer.