Reactions to Action! (Video-Based Course with App Access)


This video course will teach you why and how your reactions can get in the way of what is important in your life. It will also teach you why and how to resolve the triggers to these reactions to be more calm and present in your everyday life.

In everyday life, your experiences trigger a reaction … a (stress) response. These reactions can become stressful patterns which often have hidden costs for our health, wealth, relationships and work. You don’t need to stay stuck in these patterns.

Cathy is a Master Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®. She knows what is possible when working with Logosynthesis to firstly recognize stressful patterns and then resolve the underlying, energetic triggers to be more calm and present. She guides you in this course to help you better understand your reactions and offers The Healthy Living Plan® so that you can get started right away using this healthy lifestyle practice in your everyday life.


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  • Identify why and how your reactions get in the way of meaningful action, which affects your ability to thrive in everyday life.
  • Learn why and how to start changing reactions now … not later.
  • Introduce The Healthy Living Plan to guide your work:
    • Explore what is important and meaningful to you.
    • Explore what gets in the way of what is important for you.
    • Understand why and how to resolve these blocks.
    • Experience what can shift when blocks are resolved.
    • Explore next steps to take action.
  • Introduce resources to support your next steps.