Logosynthesis 101: An Introductory Self-Coaching Course (Live on Zoom)


Are you looking to make a difference and unlock your potential but feel stuck in stressful patterns?

Are you feeling responsible for it all or that you should do more? Do you lack confidence to move forward? Are you feeling stuck and fatigued?

This can be a normal, human response – especially when we experience a lot of change and uncertainty (yes, like in a pandemic!)  And it takes a toll on your health and wellbeing.

We also have the power to shift the energetic triggers that keep us stuck in these patterns so that we can move forward with more ease and enjoyment. In this course, we teach you how to use Logosynthesis to recognize the patterns and resolve the blocks so that you can make a difference in your life withOUT staying stuck in stressful patterns.

Whether you are looking to explore what is possible as a personal, healthy lifestyle practice or you want to understand how to use the model to support others through guided change, this course is a great place to start! The course offers a foundation on the theory, the procedure and an opportunity to experience what is possible through a guided exercise and live demos.

Join Cathy Caswell and Mary Leckie for this live online course to show you how to use Logosynthesis® for your personal use to unlock your potential and feel more ease in your everyday life.

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Price: CAD$150  (Approximately €100 or US$120)


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