Dealing with Anger and Conflict at Work: Course (Live on Zoom)


Many people struggle with anger and frustration at work.  Demanding workloads, differing opinions and not being heard often lead to conflict. The energy in the room can lead individuals to experience feelings of stress and overwhelm. It is easy to get stuck in these patterns, creating a culture of conflict.

You don’t need to stay stuck in stressful patterns!  This live, online course shows you how to use Logosynthesis® to eliminate the energetic triggers that result in anger and frustration. It also shows you how to eliminate the triggers that cause you to feel stressed when dealing with others who are angry and frustrated at work. When the triggers are eliminated, you will experience an increased sense of calm and clarity in your work so that you can focus on what matters most.


  1. To understand how we, as humans, get stuck in stressful patterns.
  2. To recognize when your reactions at work.
  3. To learn how you can use Logosynthesis to identify and resolve the energetic triggers.
  4. To identify next steps to create sustained relief and unlock your potential

The course will be offered by Cathy Caswell.

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Price: CAD$150 (Approximately €100 or US$120)


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