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June 26, 2021: Reenergize with Logosynthesis® (English; online)

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Are you emotionally drained and is your body tired after 18 months of Covid 19?  Has lockdown had an impact on you?  Does it leaves you feeling stuck and uncertain of the way forward?   If so, Logosynthesis can help to shift  frozen energy and clear stuck feelings to help you to connect to your true self.  It can also help to clarify the way forward and open the door to something new as you emerge into the world again.  Join us to learn how to self-coach with Logosynthesis.

This course is offered as an online Zoom course. TIME: 08:00-14:00 AST (Halifax) ;  12:00-18:00 BST (London) ; 13:00:19:00 CEST (Zurich) (Time Zone Converter: Click This Link)  Price quote in CAD$150. Conversion to your preferred currency occurs automatically through payment link. Estimate USD$125; CHF115; EUR100; UK90.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: SAVE 20% if you register by June 15, 2021
Registration Deadline: June 22, 2021

What participants are saying about the course:

Cathy and Mary work together beautifully and skillfully. I highly recommend this course.’  – Gerri  –

I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in this technique. I learned a lot, felt huge shifts and I was very comfortable with the loving approach from both of them. Thanks a lot, Cathy and Mary!!’  – Carlos –

‘Many thanks both of you for a stimulating day, beautifully held, exploring how the concept of identifying stuck energy rather than ‘working through issues’, can lead to a sense of new possibility though release. I’m always exploring how we can find space within our system to free ourselves and Logosynthesis offers a valid approach.’  – Antonia, Change Coach, ProjectSelf –

This Logosynthesis 101 course provides an introduction to the model and teaches you how to use the Basic Procedure. This one simple method can be practiced and repeated to resolve the blocks that keep us stuck in patterns of reacting and get in the way of enjoying life. Whether you are a professional in guided change who wants to learn more about using Logosynthesis for professional self-care and working with clients, or you personally want to learn more about what is possible when working with Logosynthesis, this course is for you.

Prerequisite:  There are no requirements for this course. It is for personal and/or professional development.  To become familiar with the topic, videos are available on YouTube:  The Origin Of Logosynthesis; Thriving In Our Times Using Logosynthesis; and Let’s Talk Logosynthesis.  Books and further resources can be found at:  and


About Cathy Caswell

Cathy is a certified Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®. Cathy is the President of The Healthy Living Plan. She was introduced to Logosynthesis in 2013 and recognized the potential to use Logosynthesis to help her enjoy life more fully. With a successful corporate career, a beautiful family and a wonderful community, life was very good. Yet her many commitments triggered reactions. Through training and the support of the Logosynthesis community, Cathy has come to appreciate the grace and elegance of Logosynthesis to enjoy everyday living. She loves to share the work of Logosynthesis to help others appreciate all that it has to offer. Cathy will help you learn to appreciate the flow of the Basic Procedure to connect with what is meaningful and to enjoy life.

About Mary Leckie
Mary is a certified Practitioner and Instructor in Logosynthesis®.  Mary has a Counselling and Psychotherapy practice in Scotland.  She was first introduced to Logosynthesis in Sydney in 2011 and subsequently trained in Switzerland in 2013-14.  Since then she has been continually learning and using it for her own personal growth and with many clients.  Mary believes that Logosynthesis can be life changing, it has the capacity to resolve issues and to bring freedom from pain in an extraordinarily gentle way.  It can also help to clarify our thinking, put off things we don’t need and help us to focus more clearly on our purpose and mission in life.  Mary’s international life experience and personal journey equip her to help others in a unique and dynamic way.

Zoom meeting link and Course Handout to be provided upon registration: 
Logosynthesis® 101
an Introduction by Dr. Willem Lammers 

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